Volunteer with Berdiri

Volunteers will soon be able to help through Berdiri with specific causes. From volunteering on humanitarian, cultural and conservation issues throughout the world there is no shortage of help needed. Volunteers will participate in physical and educational work from teaching english to working in animal conservation camps and building infrastructure in developing nations. Duration of volunteering projects will vary from 7-20 days in the field and will be project specific related.

Are you a Vet Student

There is more need than ever in many countries for vets. The demand for vet support is growing as human/animal conflict continues to rise in many countries.

Other ways you can volunteer

Berdiri needs volunteers on all aspects of working and raising awareness on these global issues. Want to volunteer your journalistic skills or helping manage other aspects of the Berdiri online presence. Contact us at standup[at]berdiri.org for further information.

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Where you will be able to Volunteer

  • Volunteer in Sumatra
  • Volunteer in Cambodia
  • Volunteer in Thailand
  • Volunteer in Malaysia
  • Volunteer in Russia
  • Volunteer in Africa
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Be notified when Berdiri volunteer projects are available



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