Stand Up With Berdiri

BERDIRI = Stand Up in Bahasa Indonesia

To build real world solutions for humanitarian and conservation issues and initiate change where change is needed.

Berdiri Nusantara Sejahtera

Yayasan Berdiri Nusantara Sejahtera (Yayasan ID 5015042317101212) was created specifically to assist with and provide short and long term solutions for conservation and humanitarian issues throughout the archipelago f Indonesia with a focus beginning with Sumatra and expanding as required. The Berdiri NGO will provide humanitarian and conservation solutions as well as creating awareness campaigns with photography and journalism to assist with causes.

Projects Leader and co-founder

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bruce (Brusca as most people know me by) and I recently left my life of the big smoke to try and make the world a better place by telling stories and bringing issues to light through my photography. So far in Sumatra, Indonesia I have had some success with helping hand raise a precious orphaned critically endangered Sumatran elephant in south Sumatra and raising awareness for the species by telling the story of Bona.

703846_10152433799515354_504515061_oDSC_4001While here in Sumatra I have discovered so many other similar issues and felt in a lot of ways helpless as an individual. This is the inspiration behind BERDIRI. To collaborate with many individuals on all levels to raise awareness and ACTION for the rest of the world.

To provide hope and help in the form of projects and story telling through photography and videography to provide better lives to those that cannot stand on their own.

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