Siti going to Jogjakarta

It’s been a month or so in the making since the mother of the orphanage received the funding for Siti’s operation. The period of waiting was necessary to allow the month of fasting and the following celebrations to pass as travel and organising such operations at that time is more challenging and also very much more expensive. Very much like Christmas time for us westerners where not much can be achieved and trying to get anywhere is rather expensive.


Picking Siti up to go to the airport

This week has turned out to be the effect time for Siti to travel and have the required operation on the growth on her foot. The decision was made by Suyati (the mother of the orphanage) to book Siti into a hospital in Jogjakarta instead of the much more crowded Jakarta. The hospitals name is “Sardjito Rumah Sakit”. It was expected there would be a long waiting time in Jakarta and not having any specific contacts in Jakarta meant a possible long hotel stay. Turns out that Suyati has family in Jogjakarta and can stay for as long as needed until the operation on Siti is carried out.
On Sunday we took Suyati and Siti to the airport to see them off. She was a happy little girl clapping along to the music on the radio until half way to the airport she decided to go straight to sleep. It was a nice moment to see them both off and to know that we and a handful of great friends who chipped in helped make a potential life changing difference for Siti.
On Monday we received word from Suyati that both her and Siti had arrived safely and they were currently on their way to the Sardjito hospital for Siti to have her first check up with the specialist in Jogjakarta.

After the doctor gave Siti a thorough check he decided Siti was not quite ready for her operation. She requires 1 week of medication to get her body ready to have the operation. We weren’t had the exact details but it sounds like a normal occurrence for young children having such a big operation. The extra strength and health she will gain over the next week will help her pull through much better after the operation.

More updates to follow in one week.


Seeing Suyati and Siti off at the airport

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