“Raise your Voice, Not the Sea Level”: Happy World Environment Day!

Every so often, people are too preoccupied with doing and looking into so many things in life that they tend to forget how to give back to someone who has provided them with so much – someone called Mother Nature.

Everyone, regardless of age, religion, status and identity, have this one big and unified purpose in this world: to learn to give back and to take care of the resources which is our most important treasure – our environment.

tikus 2014-0219The World Environment Day is an annual celebration every 5th of June which seeks to increase global awareness as well as take positive environmental action to be able to protect nature and the planet Earth. Thus, today, for the 41st time since 1973, the World Environment Day is once again being celebrated.

This year, the theme for the World Environment Day as announced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is about the small island developing states or “SIDS” and Climate Change. Accordingly, the slogan for this year is: “Raise your Voice, Not the Sea Level.”

The small island developing states are low-lying coastal countries with very fragile environments.  They are among the most vulnerable regions in the world relative to the frequency and intensity of natural and environmental disasters and their rising impact, climate change and even isolation.

Our environment truly needs our help. Visit and know how to take action as we all aim for a Happy World and a Happy Environment. Happy World Environment Day!


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