The Flying Squad

Indonesia is facing great problems today including the issues on illegal wildlife trade. This problem is due to the severe exploitation of wildlife resources where there government can’t give enough funds to monitor the endangered species. They even can’t give an appropriate protection laws to secure the safety of the said species. Animals can’t even have the right habitat for them leading them to a risky situation. Some endangered animals are already exported illegally and are traded for delicacies, traditional medicines and even for decorative objects. See how cruel the situation is?

While things are looking dim there are little rays of hope happening in Sumatra. In Indonesia’s Tesso Nilo National Park there is a group of elephants called “The Flying Squad” initiated by the World Wildlife Fund and established by Indonesia’s Ministry of Forest in 2004. For more information, check out the following details.

What are the goals of World Wildlife Fund?

  • One of the main purposes of WWF is to stop environmental degradations so that in the near future, people and nature will live in peace.
  • They also want to promote awareness about the environmental concerns so that people would stop ruining the environment.
  • They want to have advocacies of laws to support and protect wildlife.
  • Indonesia’s WWF wants to save the diverse species through promoting environmental conservations that can give a good impact to the society.
  • They want to restore the damaged ecosystem through giving protection and promoting groups that could focus on various endangered animals such as the known as ”The Flying Squad”.

web-banner-ivoryWhat is Flying Squad?

  • The Flying squad is an elite group of Sumatran elephants.
  • The Flying Squad has also trained riders (mahouts) and the elephants are used to keep other wild elephants away from farms and villages and stop human elephant conflict so that farmers will not attack them by defending their crops

What is the purpose of the Flying Squad elite group?

  • This squad is designed to give a relief to the intense conflict between the animals and the people. They are giving protection and support to help elephant conservation among the struggles within the communities of Sumatra. They exist to give and develop solutions for humans and elephants to interact with each other without harm.
  • They are here to promote peace and equality between the struggling humans and the elephant existence. They are considered as a successful promoter of a calmer environment because through them, humans and elephants were able to live in harmony.
  • One of their main goals is to establish more resources and more squads to prevent the critically endangered elephants of Sumatra from becoming extinct.

What are the latest happenings about the elephants that are trained in the Flying Squad?

On this 9th of August, a female baby elephant was born. Her 35 years old mother from Tesso Nilo Park gave birth to her after 20-22 months pregnancy. The baby elephant weighs 198 pounds only a few days before the Grand World Elephant Day.

Our environment and wildlife animals could be saved if we will just go hand-in-hand solve and face the problem that occurs today. For we know that tomorrow might not be the same again. All humans must help preserve our ecosystem just like the WWF of Indonesia because we will all benefit from it. A healthy and bounty ecosystem can lead into a brighter future. Be a concern citizen and do your action today to help save Mother Earth.

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