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Update Monkey Enclosures Bengkulu Zoo

Currently there are 8 primates at the Bengkulu Zoo and their enclosures are in an incredibly bad state. To the point where two of the long tailed macaques are now chained to the enclosure to stop them from escaping because of the holes and deteriorated state of the enclosure walls.
There are 4 enclosures grouped together […]

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32.16% Funded
Primates of Bengkulu Zoo

Daily Zoo Food for 1 Year

Providing the animals with enough food to last 12 months.

$121 Donated
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Bengkulu Zoo

Providing life and love and a new proud place of education and conservation on the island of Sumatra.

$571 Donated

Elephants of Sumatra – The Final Stand – BOOK

Documenting the story of the critically endangered Elephants of Sumatra, the crisis and how you can help. Proceeds from book sales will go directly back into the Berdiri projects.

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