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Update Monkey Enclosures Bengkulu Zoo

Currently there are 8 primates at the Bengkulu Zoo and their enclosures are in an incredibly bad state. To the point where two of the long tailed macaques are now chained to the enclosure to stop them from escaping because of the holes and deteriorated state of the enclosure walls.
There are 4 enclosures grouped together […]

Primates of Bengkulu Zoo
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Daily Zoo Food for 1 Year

Providing the animals with enough food to last 12 months.

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Bengkulu Zoo

Providing life and love and a new proud place of education and conservation on the island of Sumatra.

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Elephants of Sumatra – The Final Stand – BOOK

Documenting the story of the critically endangered Elephants of Sumatra, the crisis and how you can help. Proceeds from book sales will go directly back into the Berdiri projects.

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Drone Patrol Units – Way Kambas

Supporting Human Elephant Conflict Mitigation and Protection of Sumatran Elephant Populations and Habitat through Assisting the larger project Elephant Response Units (ERU) in Way Kambas, Lampung Province, Sumatra.
Berdiri Foundation Support
As a new NGO in the fight to help in the conservation of the Sumatran Elephant the Berdiri Foundation would like to assist the Way Kambas […]

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Berdiri Conservation

Conservation programs pertaining to wildlife and environmental protraction through projects funded by external funding.

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Berdiri Humanitarian

Humanitarian programs aiding and assisting with under privileged groups or individuals in need of external aid. Funding will be split across individual Berdiri Humanitarian Projects, but to donat e and help with specific individual projects please read and donate below.
With a population of now more than 250 million people living throughout the archipelago […]

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Berdiri Photo Journalism

Programs funding photo journalist projects to help provide awareness for stories and causes in need to then further provide and build projects around.
The world of freelance photo journalism continues to grow with the rise and rise of smart phones and camera solutions that are always getting smaller and cheaper. Photo journalism is an essential […]

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100% Funded

Siti Hawa Operation to Remove Tumor

Siti Hawa was born 6 months ago with two tumors, one on her leg and one on her foot. The father left never to return as soon as he realised Siti was not a normal healthy baby and the mother has to work full time and also has another child and cannot afford to feed and look after them both. A big part of the problem in Indonesia where poor families are having babies they cannot afford, a bigger picture problem that needs some serious solutions.

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Zam Zam Orphanage

What is the Project
The Zam Zam Global Orphanage in Bengkulu is just one place that does it’s best in a tough part of the world. When I visited the orphanage, they explained to me that a good portion of the rooms were collapsing and the water pump is broken. There are approximately thirty kids in […]

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