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Conservation programs pertaining to wildlife and environmental protection through projects funded by external funding. Funding for the Berdiri Conservation Projects are split depending on each projects needs at the time. To fund specific and individual projects view the conservation projects below for further details. The wildlife of Indonesia are increasingly every year under threat from habitat destruction resulting in continuos human / animal conflict. The purpose of the Berdiri Conservation program is to provide structured projects and programs towards short term and long term solutions for wildlife under threat throughout Indonesia.

Elephants of Sumatra

berdiri-conservation-21To continue to document and tell the story of the critically endangered elephants of Sumatra to highlight their critically endangered status and try to prevent these majestic creatures from going extinct in the wild. Introducing all the individual elephants help in captive camps and to tell their stories and put names to the cause for these majestic animals.

How the project will work
The project will document the captive elephants of Sumatra. By documenting the captive elephants and raising awareness for their plight this will bring focus to the campaigns to help save this species. Travelling on a regular basis to document the latest works of NGO’s and their current programs to help protect and conserve the elephant species of Sumatra.

Captured in moving pictures
Telling short stories and raising awareness for the elephants of Sumatra to be centred around to help raise awareness in moving pictures foe the critically endangered elephants found in active camps and wild habitats.

Captured in still photos
Documenting the elephants and bringing names to faces of those that remain in the captive camps and those in need of further support and vet assistance through documenting the work of NGO’s currently undertaking work in support for the elephants of Sumatra.

Book publication
A book is currently being developed called “Elephants of Sumatra – The Final Stand” telling the stories of those working in the fields doing the groundwork to help save these incredible creatures. The hardships faced by NGO’s and the elephants in order to survive is told in stories and photography throughout the book. Proceeds to go directly back into the Berdiri Conservation Projects. See and donate to this cause.

Sales of products
To help support the project and other Berdiri Conservation Projects certain products such as tee shirts, posters and other accessories will be produced for purchase online, such as the new conservation brand OUR URTH for example.

Berdiri Animal Sanctuary

Many wild animals are being displaced from their habitat due to the increasing destruction for plantations such as oil palm. In the province of Bengkulu there is no such animal sanctuary to care and cater for the wild animals that are being displaced until a new home range is found. The project Berdiri Animal Sanctuary will be built to help temporarily home and treat these animals until a new location is found to release them. In some cases specific animals may need to be permanently homed in the sanctuary due to the lack of habitat or subsequent injuries from human conflict.

How the project will work
The project will locate the appropriate block of land first and start the process of securing this land fundraising for the build of the sanctuary. Consultations with other animal sanctuaries from inside and outside of Indonesia will take place to build the right facilities the first time to cater correctly for animals needs.

As animals are displaced from their forest habitat and brought back to the conservation office of Bengkulu, they can be then moved into the sanctuary in Bengkulu for better temporary care until healthy enough to be relocated back into the wild.

The sanctuary will be run off fund raising programs to keep the facilities running as well as host volunteers from all nations to help maintain the sanctuary. Food for the animals will be bought from fund raising.

The introduction of educational programs for the local people will help educate the local Indonesian cultures on the values and importance of conserving the unique wildlife found throughout the archipelago.


Berdiri Animal Hospital/Clinic

To operate in conjunction with the Berdiri Animal Sanctuary an animal clinic will be built to treat animals brought into the sanctuary or housed at the sanctuary or animals requiring treatment in general that may not reside at the sanctuary.

How the project will work
A clinic or small hospital will be built on the same grounds as the Berdiri Animal Sanctuary and will be there to serve the purpose of animals that come to the sanctuary that require treatment before rehabilitation and relocation.

The clinic will be run off fund raising projects and have a part time vet on stand by all the time and bring in vet interns to help build the vet network within Indonesia.


Supporting Elephant Patrol Units

berdiri-conservation-180Patrol units in both Seblat, Bengkulu and Way Kambas National Park in Lampung utilise captive elephants for conservation patrols to help mitigate HEC (human elephant conflict) and police poaching inside protected forests. The work carried out by these patrol units is vital to protect the remaining wild herds of elephants from HEC and to minimise poaching and illegal logging.

As a new NGO in the fight to help in the conservation of the Sumatran Elephant the Berdiri Foundation would like to assist the Way Kambas National Park ERU and Seblat, Bengkulu CRU to continue their work in patrolling their respective protected forests and complete their goals to mitigate the HEC and poaching in and around the borders of the Way Kambas National Park and the TWA Conservation area in Seblat.

Assisting in this project Berdiri will help provide and assist with operational funds for the ERU team and also additional tools to help provide better solutions to the HEC conflict in the surrounding areas.

How the project will work
To assist in the effective mitigation and reduction of Human Elephant Conflict and its damaging impact on local communities surrounding the Way Kambas National Park and to contribute to a sustainable coexistence between elephants and the local communities

  1. Providing logistics and financial support for the patrol unit activities in the Way Kambas National Park and TWA Seblat to help increase the capacity of ERU and CRU teams to improve quality of forest protection
  2. Document wildlife and protected areas of the Way Kambas National Park using camera trap technology and drone photography
  3. The use of drone technology to help mitigate the HEC in and around the Way Kambas National Park

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Berdiri Conservation
Conservation programs pertaining to wildlife and environmental protection through projects funded by external funding.
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