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RIP Yongki

Jakarta. Authorities in Indonesia have launched a formal investigation into the death of an iconic Sumatran elephant at a national park who was believed to have been killed by poachers for his tusks.
Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar said in Jakarta on Wednesday that she had ordered a coordinated probe into the death of […]

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Elephant Response Unit – Way Kambas

Last week we took a field trip to the Way Kambas National Park in South Sumatra to present some new technologies to the current existing Elephant Response Units working around the borders of the Way Kambas National Park. The ERU (Elephant Response Units) work the borders of the National Park to mitigate HEC (Human Elephant […]

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Kenya Unites for Elephants and Rhinos

On 4 October, over 130 countries joined a global march to protect elephants and rhinos
referred to as the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (GMFER). This widely participated
global march coincided with the World Animal Day.
In Nairobi, more than 1,000 people trekked a 10 kilometres route passing the downtown
traffic and hooting cars in response to signs […]

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Help is Definitely Needed

This is a very interesting article and a new perspective on the conservation initiatives in Malaysia and Indonesia. Showing that the government are throwing out impossible statistics when I myself see first hand the loss of critically endangered wildlife every month and know just as well as Erik Meijaard that these statistics are just not […]


New Deaths of Sumatran Elephants in Riau

It’s been a tragic week for the Sumatran elephant with 7 new deaths recorded in the Riau province of Sumatra near the Tesso Nilo National park. Poisoning is suspected and is becoming more and more common as elephants are forced to enter village areas when their habitat is continuously being destroyed to make way for […]


New Conservation Tool

A new tool is becoming a key aspect to fighting for crucial habitat that remains for the critically endangered wildlife. Satellite monitoring is keeping up the fight for the habitat of endangered animals, going one step further than that of google maps. Where remotely areas within google maps are normally pixelated the satellite monitoring program […]


Historical Ruling in Palm Oil Case

It seems an inkling of common decency has found it’s way through Indonesian law. It’s not often a law is upheld and then enforced as in this new case. It’s a welcome change and it turns out there is a small ray of hope for the wildlife and the habitats that remain throughout Sumatra. Report […]


New Critical Forest Map Data

Lately there has been a lot of new map data released revealing the state of the earths forests and the alarming trend of increasing destruction vs regeneration. Indonesia has had the biggest forest losses in the last 12 years along with Brazil. For such a tiny nation with a diverse variety of wildlife it is […]

Presious forests of Sumatra

The Road to Extinction – Sumatra

A new 51km road has been proposed to run 850 coal trucks per day to help more quickly provide coal to power stations across South East Asia. This would divide the Harapan rainforest, which┬áis considered one of the most diverse places on Earth and a global-priority habitat for conservation. It is described as one of […]

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RSPO Always Set to Fail

A new damning report has surfaced on the RSPO (round table of sustainable palm oil), which sheds light on the obvious reality. It shows that this round table organisation is not achieving the required results and it’s not surprising considering that it is voluntary for member companies to be on board with the sustainability process. […]

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