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Kenya Unites for Elephants and Rhinos

On 4 October, over 130 countries joined a global march to protect elephants and rhinos
referred to as the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (GMFER). This widely participated
global march coincided with the World Animal Day.
In Nairobi, more than 1,000 people trekked a 10 kilometres route passing the downtown
traffic and hooting cars in response to signs […]

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Help is Definitely Needed

This is a very interesting article and a new perspective on the conservation initiatives in Malaysia and Indonesia. Showing that the government are throwing out impossible statistics when I myself see first hand the loss of critically endangered wildlife every month and know just as well as Erik Meijaard that these statistics are just not […]

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“Raise your Voice, Not the Sea Level”: Happy World Environment Day!

Every so often, people are too preoccupied with doing and looking into so many things in life that they tend to forget how to give back to someone who has provided them with so much – someone called Mother Nature.
Everyone, regardless of age, religion, status and identity, have this one big and unified purpose in […]


New Deaths of Sumatran Elephants in Riau

It’s been a tragic week for the Sumatran elephant with 7 new deaths recorded in the Riau province of Sumatra near the Tesso Nilo National park. Poisoning is suspected and is becoming more and more common as elephants are forced to enter village areas when their habitat is continuously being destroyed to make way for […]


Sumatran Tiger – Nowhere to Hide

Recently I travelled to north Sumatra documenting the work of an NGO based in Sumatra for captive elephants. I stumbled across this wildlife trade report on the Sumatran tiger while traveling through the elephant camps in North Sumatra. It was funded and put together by Traffic and written by CHRIS R. SHEPHERD and NOLAN MAGNUS. I was […]


The Plastic Revolution

The Revolution
200 years ago was around the time of the industrial revolution. It changed the world and has shaped what we know as life today. We are now in the midst of a new revolution that will once again shape the world in the centuries to come,  the plastic revolution. The manufacturing of plastics has […]


Zam Zam Orphanage

The Zam Zam Global Orphanage in Bengkulu is just one place that does it’s best in a tough part of the world. When I visited the orphanage, they explained to me that a good portion of the rooms were collapsing and the water pump is broken. There are approximately thirty kids in this one orphanage […]

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Volunteer Opportunities…

Travelling is amazing and it seems like everyone wants to do more of it. If you’re budget is tight or you just can’t justify the time away, why not create a less expensive but more meaningful experience?
There is nothing wrong with staying in a hotel and checking out all of the tourist hotspots but you […]

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Taman Satwa Bengkulu

There are a lot of areas in Sumatra that need our help. Almost everywhere you look there are people or animals in need of some form of help or support. The Taman Satwa pusat Bengkulu is one such case and it is in desperate need of some attention as the animals are not in great […]


We need the next generation to be our EARTH generation

I read a quote recently by Buzz Aldrin. He stated that we need the next generation to be the Mars generation. We need to get a colony to mars by 2030. I couldn’t disagree with this possibly any more than I actually do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of humans in space […]

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