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    Siti Hawa Operation to Remove Tumor 100% Funded
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    Zam Zam Orphanage Progress Report
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    Zam Zam Orphanage 103.8% Funded
  • Berdiri Conservation


  • kenya fights for elies

    Kenya Unites for Elephants and Rhinos

    This post is also available in: IndonesianOn 4 October, over 130 countries joined a global march to protect elephants and rhinos
    referred to as the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (GMFER). This widely participated
    global march coincided with the World Animal Day.
    In Nairobi, more than 1,000 people trekked a 10 kilometres route passing the downtown
    traffic and […]

  • camera trap june-1852-Edit-2

    Help is Definitely Needed

    This post is also available in: IndonesianThis is a very interesting article and a new perspective on the conservation initiatives in Malaysia and Indonesia. Showing that the government are throwing out impossible statistics when I myself see first hand the loss of critically endangered wildlife every month and know just as well as Erik Meijaard […]

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    Siti going to Jogjakarta

    This post is also available in: IndonesianIt’s been a month or so in the making since the mother of the orphanage received the funding for Siti’s operation. The period of waiting was necessary to allow the month of fasting and the following celebrations to pass as travel and organising such operations at that time is […]

  • tikus 2014-0219

    “Raise your Voice, Not the Sea Level”: Happy World Environment Day!

    This post is also available in: IndonesianEvery so often, people are too preoccupied with doing and looking into so many things in life that they tend to forget how to give back to someone who has provided them with so much – someone called Mother Nature.
    Everyone, regardless of age, religion, status and identity, have this […]

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